The company SBS Stankiewicz specialize in providing solutions in the system of stamped concrete Canada, United States, Poland and in carved decorative plaster. Our business partner is Perlite Poland. This technology, as a proven and most durable, is known on the other side of the ocean for about 40 years!

By using reinforced concrete or “POLISH THIN-FILM PRODUCT SBS”, as one of the most developing techniques of surface decoration, we can achieve all sorts of high-quality effects, imitating materials such as stone, wood and rock. Low maintenance costs will let you enjoy the beauty of the surface for a years. You only have to impregnate the surface once every 7 years and you don’t need to replace any tiles for a new ones. . We rely solely on reinforced concrete, type B30 minimum and on our original thin-film products, which are highly resistant to temperature differences and damages. Thin-film mass can be dyed in different colors. We organize professional trainings in stamped concrete technology for large and small building companies and even for our private Clients. We are manufacturer and we can equip every building team in all necessary products for stamped concrete technology.

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