Stamped concrete imitates natural materials such as:

Stamped concrete is a product that will surprise you.

Depending on weather conditions we can provide a fast realization of any surface from decorative concrete, while maintaining a high quality of the product.

Stamped concrete is a modern building material created on blends of marble and cement dust with a powerful tack layer, which imitates natural materials such as rock, stone or wood. Due to its characteristics it provides a fast performance and unique visual effects. Our company is able to create any surface from stamped concrete: terraces, driveways, balconies, stairs, fences, decorative walls, facades and even floors at your home. We can also create water parks equipment such as waterfalls, fountains and decorative elements, which are a great imitation of the natural rocks.

Stamped concrete is a combination of modernity and durability.

One of the greatest advantage of the surface from the decorative concrete is high durability.

At the moment nothing is more permanent than concrete. Due to its high durability, a concrete in the form of flooring was mostly used in industrial facilities. Today, we can enjoy a permanent solutions in our homes. Stamped concrete is not only resistant, but also highly aesthetic. Moreover, it is anti-slip and frost tolerant and can therefore be used in a domestic setting, as well as on the outside. Stamped concrete is strengthen with rib size 8. What is more, a thin-film mass is strengthen with polypropylene fiber and glass fiber mesh. A n invisible special dilation is covert in each layer. The combination of these several elements with the traditional construction influence on the durability of our surfaces.

Beauty of nature and modern technology.

Stamped concrete perfectly imitates the natural beauty of rocks, stones and wood

Decorative concrete, retaining a modern character, is ideal for creating surfaces, that look like a wood, stone or a rock. Additionally, it can adopt any shape and color, which makes it an universal building material with unprecedented durability. All of our projects refer to nature and allow you to change the face of any surroundings.

Casts and tools

Concrete casts

We produce light, handy to use and shape varied concrete casts with a high durability up to 100 000 m².

Impregnates and pigments.

We equip building companies in high-quality impregnates and pigments for decorative concrete. Only here you will find a wide selection of colors and products.

A thin-film mass, decorative plaster and concrete type B30

We are a producer of thin-film mass, heavy and light perlite isolate decorative plasters and thick-film concrete type B30. This products are essential in the process of creating stamped concrete surfaces. Stamped concrete, due to its features, can be used to create driveways, patios, paths, and roads exploited by heavy equipment.


We offer professional tools for creating surfaces from stamped concrete. We sell: magnesium trowel, metal trowel, bearing turntables, plastering, chisels, mixers and wheels for the stamped concrete technology. We are able to equip every building team from A to Z

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